Deny The Accident

by Cooper Street

Released 2006
New Orphan Music
Released 2006
New Orphan Music
The album name came from something the artist Jackson Pollock said when asked if his art was just random paint splatters: "No, I deny the accident!".
  • 04:31 Lyrics Ordinary Problem

    In the middle of the middle in the middle of the afternoon
    Sitting staring at the ceiling I'm so fazed I don't know what to do
    It appears that my charm all my charm has lost it's charm
    Maybe no big deal for some but for me it's cause for alarm
    Major cause for alarm

    I found a strand of your hair on my shirt 'bout an hour ago
    Since then I've been wondering what to do with it and now I know
    I'll get an iron and some wax paper
    I'll make a bookmark to mark my place
    And when I see it I'll be reminded that you left a trace
    You left a trace

    It's an ordinary problem
    When the roof starts leaking
    You run to where it's dry
    In the normal evolution
    When the sequence breaks down
    You get to take another try
    In a subsequent conclusion
    It's a cat and mouse game
    A dog eat dog goodbye
    But since I have paid attention
    I know you won't leave me hanging
    You won't leave me high and dry

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 03:24 Lyrics If You Come By

    If I had a leg to stand on
    You know I'd come down
    And spend some time with you
    But I'm a broken man
    With a largely unproven plan

    And with the way my luck's been going
    All my grey hair's showing
    And my heart's turned black and blue
    I think I might fade away
    Hold the fort down some other day

    But if you come by
    You'll find me down at market square
    Where I play guitar while people stare
    And buy everything they ever wanted
    Please try to find me if you still care

    Soul searching and street begging
    It's all been done before
    Final hour of everyday will release me
    From the burden of wondering
    Will you come
    I wonder if you'll come

    But when I get my act together
    And it's warmer weather
    And my bills are paid when due
    I'll hop on the closest train
    Wind my way back to you again

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 03:49 Lyrics Tear It Up

    Mama's in the kitchen and
    Father's in his bedroom and
    We are in the basement
    Playing rock 'n roll

    Danny's got a Marshall and
    Even though he's blind he can
    Shred his strat-o-caster and
    Never miss a note

    Oh come on

    They like me `cuz my hair is long
    And I've got a Fender bass
    Now Danny's got a brand new song
    He really wants to play

    Tear it up
    I love that last line you played
    I'm gonna sing it every day
    From now on

    We were children
    The only need we had was love
    We were what we would be
    In just that moment of time
    In just that moment of time

    Now I play acoustic
    But I still miss the jams
    Our old band would always have
    When our friends would come around
    There was always music
    The girls would start to sing along
    Now Danny has a brand new song
    He really wants to play

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 03:53 Lyrics Zoe's Ring

    It's been months since I walked with you
    Down by the river in the evening glow
    The aspens whispered what I would not hear
    The future's now and I don't wanna go

    The moonlight smells like an early rain
    There's a stony chill in the air
    I've fallen down, I'm gonna fall again
    See my soul laid bare

    It's been coming on
    And your signals getting clear
    I'm not feeling strong
    And my heart is hungry
    For the one thing I hold dear
    I wish you could be here

    Zoe's got a new ring and I don't care
    Got to get some sleep tonight
    In my younger days I would pine for her
    Nowadays I do what's right
    I'm too tired to fight

    Your windows yellow when I pass on the street
    I know I shouldn't waste my time
    But it's been lonely living outta my backseat
    And walking's never been a crime

    There's many ghosts I have to deal with
    But you're the one that scares me more
    Now summer seems just like a myth
    I'm wondering what it was for

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 03:20 Lyrics Greenleaf Town

    She had a little room off central square
    And she could sing like a bird

    She would help me
    With a little lesson here and there

    Now I'm back in Greenleaf Town
    Where the leaves are turning brown
    If you would just come around tonight
    That would be all right

    She had the whitest skin you ever saw
    It was soft as down

    Took her chances
    Made a phone call that changed it all

    God in heaven looks down upon this place
    She still lives here
    And I remember
    Every time she came to me

    She gave me a thrill I can't repay
    Even though I tried so hard

    Feather earrings
    Golden bracelets made of hay

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 03:16 Lyrics Madolyn

    I always think of magic
    When I remember those days in Marseille
    You were the queen of us all
    We had such a ball
    You'd start the party in the morning each day

    You'd dress for each occasion
    Your bikini was red, white & blue
    In your Mustang GT
    With a lemon-drop tea
    You were the picture of all that was new

    But you never would be
    What we though you should be
    And that was the very best thing
    Now we always sing...

    Oh Madolyn
    We've given you everything
    Now look at the state we're in
    Oh Madolyn
    It seems such a shame
    That you've got to get going again

    The picture in your hallway
    Of a man floating free in the air
    Was inspiration to me
    And made me feel free
    To run my fingers through your thick hair

    You never needed any one besides you
    When you set the stage
    It was all that we could do
    To believe it was true

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 04:44 Lyrics No Wrong No Right

    You push, you shove
    You put your shoulder to it
    The way you would
    If you were hanging by a thread

    I block, I swerve
    I focus my attention
    As if I could
    Be still alive but left for dead

    I lay me down
    I need a little breather
    A pint or two
    To help me clear my head

    You never called
    Never answered any questions
    You just repeat
    What you've already said

    I will see you in the morning light
    When the sun has had the final word
    Until then let's have an understanding

    No wrong no right

    Where'd you go
    You've disappeared entirely
    I see you there
    But your heart is somewhere else

    You've left me here
    Alone, almost forgotten
    A single tear
    A book upon a shelf

    You be the doctor
    I'll be the doctor too
    We'll tear it wide open
    `till it bleeds into black and blue

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music


  • 04:49 Lyrics Trip to Mexico

    There's a dusty church in Soledad
    With alter laid in blue
    And a sacred heart that looks so sad
    Turning thorns to thoughts of you

    I should a had another life
    I should have let you go
    I should have kept you as my wife
    And blown off Mexico 

    (Come on give it one more chance)

    Keep on trying
    Got to move along
    Keep on trying
    Couldn't be that wrong
    Keep on trying
    Everyday is everyday
    Keep on trying
    Got to find another way

    I've got a kid who understands
    This need I have to run
    We had a drink in Mazatlan
    Then walked out in the sun

    He said I don't have to explain
    All these questions that start with why
    For a while, there's a little pain
    Then a part of you just dies

    (Come on give it one more chance)

    Maybe next Sunday
    Maybe this time, we'll take a ride
    It comes down to one day
    When I'm not afraid
    To be alone
    With you 

    I took a trip to Mexico
    Cant recall the reason why
    I think I'm ready to let go
    Give it all another try

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 04:42 Lyrics Salt Pepper Pie

    `Bout time you had a salt pepper pie
    So come on down, come on down

    It's a bargain for a wink of an eye
    `Till you hit the ground, hit the ground

    It's kind of sweet and hard to explain
    Soft and round, without a sound

    It's like a ghost, it will drive you insane
    Come on down, hit the ground


    Sad if you won't give it a try
    Shame if I am telling a lie
    Happy if you learn how to fly inside
    The thrill will curl your toes
    Come on inside
    It's something you've got to know
    So good to let your face glow
    `Bout time you had a salt pepper pie

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 04:26 Lyrics Grey

    The sun is shining brightly
    Over at your house today
    But at my house it is lonely
    And everything is gray

    It seems a bit unfair how
    The story changes everyday
    What the rumors have not told me
    Your face just gives away

    And it's hard when the money's low
    It's hard to know the things I know
    Easy winds seldom blow
    Around here

    That babies got a fever
    And her cries are loud and strong
    This happens every winter
    When the nights start getting long

    I should have been there on Sunday
    There was really nothing wrong
    But I'm a hundred miles from nowhere
    I guess that's where I belong

    That's a beauty of a tattoo
    Troublemaker on your skin
    What you really wanted for your birthday
    Was a brand new way of thinking

    I've got to get off of this freeway
    `cuz all the cars are all on a binge
    I'm just trying to say I'm sorry
    For the stupid way I've been

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 04:10 Lyrics Applewood Candle

    I had a dream
    We lived so far away
    None of our friends could even find us
    We worked the farm everyday

    Sometimes late at night
    We'd head out to the old red barn
    We'd listen to the sleepy horses breathing
    Toss the calico a ball of yarn

    It's getting kinda late
    How 'bout a kiss?
    I'm thinking its bedtime
    In the softest room
    I'll light the applewood candle
    I wanna go soon, soon, soon

    So get me my hammer
    Bring me some nails and wood
    I'll try to build a house that we can live in
    I think that would be good

    It might be sorta small
    But it would be our own
    We could sit on the porch in our old rockers
    And watch that sun go down

    I've been thinking I can see the earth
    Spinning `round
    I can sense the years winding down
    I can feel my heart and where it's bound
    Where it's bound
    I can feel where I'm bound

    But if you have to lie
    'cuz you've done something wrong
    Write it all down in a sad letter
    I'll find when you're dead and gone

    I'll do the same
    But we should never read that shit
    Just toss it in my grave while no one's looking
    And let the earth cover it

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music


  • 04:24 Lyrics Keep Me In Mind

    Don't forget to take your medicine
    And try to keep the house somewhat clean
    Always make a point to wave to the train
    And keep me in mind.

    Have your girlfriends over for some tea
    Organize your new philosophy
    Watch "Lucy" reruns on TV
    But keep me in mind.

    Keep me in mind, keep me in mind

    Safe at home in your crazy world
    You can manage all your daily trials
    I'm alone but I always
    Think of you, holding your own

    It's lonely at my desk right now
    My home page won't render anyhow
    The boss just beat me with her brow
    Please keep me in mind

    If your old boyfriend calls, just let it ring
    If you pick it up, please say everything
    He may play guitar, but he can't sing
    So keep me in mind

    Keep me in mind, keep me in mind

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

  • 04:16 Lyrics Honeypot

    I don't know but I've been told
    The streets of heaven are paved with gold
    When you drive around
    Get to wear your crown

    You'll have time to kill but no place to hide
    It's murder in the morning or its suicide
    When the angels fly
    It's like a lullaby

    Funny how the sweet tastes sour
    When my honeypot's gone for a while
    I've given up on cigarettes
    But I can't stop shaking
    My heart's still breaking
    I feel forsaken by you
    It's true

    When you coming home
    I hate to be alone

    In this broke down place I saw a friend of mine
    She was washing all the dishes that got left behind
    Such a lonely fate
    Feeling second-rate

    So she went and bought herself a yellow diamond ring
    When she holds it in the light she can make it sing
    It's the only way
    She can have her say

    I got a train that runs through my backyard
    When it's once in a while, well it's not that hard
    But don't you fret
    `Cuz I ain't through yet

    On the Forth of July in the parking lot
    I drink beer with my sister who I love a lot

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music


  • 03:54 Lyrics Song Too Small

    All is lost
    If you won't believe me
    When I say
    I never meant to hurt you

    Tell me it's OK
    And I'll rejoin the living
    And learn how to pray
    And only believe in

    Words that ring true
    And thoughts that are lovely
    Hearts that are pure
    In all of their glory
    And many more things
    This song is too small for them all

    Once in a while
    We all need forgiveness
    This time it's me
    I desire your compassion

    On bended knee
    I beg for your mercy
    Be kind to me
    You know that I love you and

    Words that ring true
    And thoughts that are lovely
    Hearts that are pure
    In all of their glory
    And many more things
    This song is too small for them all

    Words and Music by Peter Goodman
    Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music

Cooper Street is inspired by the unique and haunting sounds of bands such as Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Counting Crows, and the Wallflowers.

This band’s alt-americana sound has its own unique flavor of thoughtful lyrics and well-crafted melodies.

The acoustic and electric guitars mixed with piano, banjo, accordion, mandolin, and harmonica add lot’s of rich dynamics.

Whether playing edgy rock or moving ballads, the band’s inspired energy is evident throughout the whole record and when they play live.

Cooper Street is:
Peter Goodman, Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, & Piano
Kevin Drinkard, Guitar, Vocals, & Banjo
Blake Cooper, Bass
Drew Scott, Drums

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