Love In Oversupply

by Cooper Street

Released TBA
New Orphan Music
Released TBA
New Orphan Music
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  • 03:37 Download Story Lyrics Shine

    Hold on to me darling
    Though I’ve nothing left to give you
    The wells have all run dry
    Keep my money in an old shoe

    You lost something precious to you
    But don't lose it in your mind
    A ring is just a thing
    And things can be so unkind

    It's inside me
    A thought that's only mine
    But everyone should know
    Mama’s diamond
    Shines. It still shines.

    The ground lies fallow and I bet
    It’ll lie again this year
    The stars have not aligned
    Can’t even get in first gear

    It's inside me
    A thought that's only mine
    But everyone should know
    Papa’s garden
    Shines. When it shines.

    I have so much to give you
    That I hope you’ll hold on to
    But if you don’t, that’s OK
    I will always love you

    It's inside me
    A thought that's only mine
    But everyone should know
    Mimi’s fiddle
    Shines. It really shines.

  • 04:25 Download Story Lyrics Hard Love

    He walked out
    On the only family he had
    Didn't know what else to do
    It made him so sad

    Fourteen years-old
    Wished he could go back home
    Then remembered the times
    He was left there all alone

    Just give ‘em a break
    His heart is bleeding here
    And there is no relief
    From that kind of fear

    There’s just that street
    And the old overpass
    A bundle of clothes
    A pile of trash

    Now he's gone
    Won't lie awake in that bed any more
    Never to watch his mom cry on the floor
    It's way too hard
    For that kind of life
    Those kind of lies
    That's just a hard love

    Gotta go out
    And find work to do
    Got rent to pay
    Bills that are due

    Move into a house
    Find a girl to hold
    Maybe make a home
    Get out of the cold

  • 03:12 Download Lyrics Take It All

    I've always tried to be there for you
    Whatever you need me to be
    Comes a time -- when I knew
    I can barely take care of me

    It's getting late, there's not much left to say
    And there's a new band playing downtown
    I got to get myself out of the way
    Use the music to find my ground

    You can keep my best guitar
    The one that's made it so far
    You can have my one gold star
    Take it all, take it all

    Everyone ‘round here thinks they know the score
    Always telling me what I should do
    Pack my bags and head for the other shore
    Get the hell away from you

    I think I've got a better plan
    Turn the other cheek your way
    Maybe someday I will take a stand
    But I will not resist today

    If that's not enough
    And things are real tough
    You can call my bluff
    And take some more
    Take it all, just take it all

  • 04:22 Download Story Lyrics Yours Truly

    I have taken my time to write
    This winter’s long and lonely night
    Now there’s nothing but kind and free
    Words of love pour out of me

    I just needed time to say
    I never meant no harm
    If you’re ever out this way
    I sure do miss your charm
    Sincerely, With Regard, Yours Truly

    Take a drive down Workman Mill
    Past the highway and Old Jack’s Grill
    There I’ve been known to wander ‘round
    Lost my sense, came unbound

    The sidewalks broken up with weeds
    Scattered leaves blow by
    Open wounds will  crack and bleed
    Until we really try
    Sincerely, With Regard, Yours Truly

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