Breakfast Out On the Lawn

Cooper Street
Cooper Street


Next thing I knew, the party was over
The lights have a strange, lonely glow
Living rooms empty, so are the cupboards
I'm guessing maybe its time I go

Its been pretty quiet, most of the night
Lots of slow, serious drinking
The band got started, the music was tight
And all my friends started leaving

I feel like crying
When I remember those nights
Wed stay up and dance until dawn
Sleep a few hours
Wake up and have 
Breakfast Out On The Lawn

If that's how its gonna be
I might as well stay at home 
Maybe watch some TV
Eat my dinner alone
I wont even pick up the phone
Things will be better on my own
But I do miss those mornings

So come on over, bring your friend
Lets try and have ourselves a good time
Don't worry bout your job or checks to send 
Or if you are still in your prime

Words and Music by Peter Goodman
Copyright 2012 New Orphan Music

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