Hard Love

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Cooper Street
Peter Goodman


Do you remember when you were 14 years-old? I do. 


He walked out
On the only family he had
Didn't know what else to do
It made him so sad

Fourteen years-old
Wished he could go back home
Then remembered the times
He was left there all alone

Just give ‘em a break
His heart is bleeding here
And there is no relief
From that kind of fear

There’s just that street
And the old overpass
A bundle of clothes
A pile of trash

Now he's gone
Won't lie awake in that bed any more
Never to watch his mom cry on the floor
It's way too hard
For that kind of life
Those kind of lies
That's just a hard love

Gotta go out
And find work to do
Got rent to pay
Bills that are due

Move into a house
Find a girl to hold
Maybe make a home
Get out of the cold

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