So Happy Birthday

Cooper Street
Cooper Street


Too many pills and nights without sleep
At the end of the rainbow, don't find anything
Fumbling through memories of when you lived here
Last of the good times, last of the tears

So Happy Birthday
Were all getting older but you
I'm sure that wont stop you
From feeling sorry for yourself
And rolling over down there
Rolling over down there

Vera its hard when the train passes by
Reminds me of times you made all the kids cry
You never approved of what we did or what we said
You just turned your back and took to your bed

After all this time you'd think that
I could decipher the messages 
But there so screwed up
And who's to say why
I love you still 

Every year I come back and stand in this place
Where all the noise from the freeway does all but erase

Words and Music by Peter Goodman
Copyright 2012 New Orphan Music

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