Take It All

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Cooper Street
Peter Goodman


I've always tried to be there for you
Whatever you need me to be
Comes a time -- when I knew
I can barely take care of me

It's getting late, there's not much left to say
And there's a new band playing downtown
I got to get myself out of the way
Use the music to find my ground

You can keep my best guitar
The one that's made it so far
You can have my one gold star
Take it all, take it all

Everyone ‘round here thinks they know the score
Always telling me what I should do
Pack my bags and head for the other shore
Get the hell away from you

I think I've got a better plan
Turn the other cheek your way
Maybe someday I will take a stand
But I will not resist today

If that's not enough
And things are real tough
You can call my bluff
And take some more
Take it all, just take it all

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