Cooper Street is...


Peter Goodman  Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, & Keyboards
Kevin Drinkard  Guitar, Vocals, & Mandolin
Blake Cooper  Bass & Guitar
Dan Phipps   Drums & Vocals


Cooper Street is an alt-country Americana rock band based in Santa Cruz, California. They are inspired by the unique and haunting sounds of bands such as Wilco, Drive-by Truckers, Ryan Adams, Counting Crows, and The Wallflowers, yet they have their own unique flavor of thoughtful lyrics and well-crafted melodies. Whether playing edgy rock or moving ballads, the band’s inspired energy is evident on their records and live performances.

On December 13, 2012, Cooper Street released their third album “Nothing is the Way It Seems.” The 17 songs explore a broad range of topics and emotions – from love, longing, and loss, … to friendship and hope, … and much more. Each song deserves a listen, and the album will likely find its way into your musical rotation.

Singer-songwriter Peter Goodman displays a lyrical and melodic maturity seldom heard in today's popular music. His alternative, rock-solid songwriting is refreshing and provocative and reveals unexpected depth. Over the years, his music has been well-received in Santa Cruz area nightclubs such as Don Quixote’s, Henfling’s Tavern, Malone’s Grill, and others. 

The contributions of Cooper Street’s other singer/songwriter, Kevin Drinkard, complement the band’s repertoire nicely. On guitar, Kevin uses an expressive finger style technique, inspired by musicians such as Pierre Bensusan and Martin Simpson, to weave counter melody, lead, and occasional power-chord progressions throughout the performance.

The band's rhythm section is Blake Cooper on bass and Dan Phipps on drums. Dan draws on his extensive knowledge of and collection of music and his years behind the drums to drive the band along. His quirky sense of humor often comes out in his solid, yet playful approach to drumming. Blake locks in on the five-string bass, drawing on his own influences, which range from Jack Cassidy to Christian McBride.

When not playing great music, Peter designs software, Kevin works in the non-profit sector supporting teachers, Dan is an IT master, and Blake designs communications headsets. From these diverse backgrounds, these Santa Cruz residents create the multi-faceted musical entity that is Cooper Street. 

They are prompt and professional with a set list that can cover up to four hours. They are ready to play for all occasions at your venue.

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