Nothing Is The Way It Seems

Cooper Street

When you think about it, nothing really is the way it seems. It is all in how you look at it.

We have been working on this record for about six years. Many life events have happened along the way. Babies have been born, drummers lost and found. At times it has been a struggle to keep things going. But the music survived and came through and here we are. This record introduces the song writing of Kevin Drinkard which blends well with the songs by Peter Goodman. We like to think they work together like Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers. Kevin and Peter are married to sisters and so have a special understanding. Blake Cooper was able to add several guitar leads along with his sound bass work. Dan Green is our new drummer and has come to the plate with some tasty beats.

Many thanks again to Jesse Nickell for his continued support of our music.

We hope you enjoy the music. We did it for you.

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Deny The Accident

Cooper Street

The album name came from something the artist Jackson Pollock said when asked if his art was just random paint splatters: "No, I deny the accident!".

Cooper Street is inspired by the unique and haunting sounds of bands such as Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Counting Crows, and the Wallflowers.

This band’s alt-americana sound has its own unique flavor of thoughtful lyrics and well-crafted melodies.

The acoustic and electric guitars mixed with piano, banjo, accordion, mandolin, and harmonica add lot’s of rich dynamics.

Whether playing edgy rock or moving ballads, the band’s inspired energy is evident throughout the whole record and when they play live.

Cooper Street is: Peter Goodman, Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, & Piano Kevin Drinkard, Guitar, Vocals, & Banjo Blake Cooper, Bass Drew Scott, Drums

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