From the recording Deny The Accident

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Keep Me In Mind

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Don't forget to take your medicine
And try to keep the house somewhat clean
Always make a point to wave to the train
And keep me in mind.

Have your girlfriends over for some tea
Organize your new philosophy
Watch "Lucy" reruns on TV
But keep me in mind.

Keep me in mind, keep me in mind

Safe at home in your crazy world
You can manage all your daily trials
I'm alone but I always
Think of you, holding your own

It's lonely at my desk right now
My home page won't render anyhow
The boss just beat me with her brow
Please keep me in mind

If your old boyfriend calls, just let it ring
If you pick it up, please say everything
He may play guitar, but he can't sing
So keep me in mind

Keep me in mind, keep me in mind

Words and Music by Peter Goodman
Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music