From the recording Nothing Is The Way It Seems


Next thing I knew, the party was overThe lights have a strange, lonely glowLiving rooms empty, so are the cupboardsI'm guessing maybe its time I goIts been pretty quiet, most of the nightLots of slow, serious drinkingThe band got started, the music was tightAnd all my friends started leavingI feel like cryingWhen I remember those nightsWed stay up and dance until dawnSleep a few hoursWake up and have Breakfast Out On The LawnIf that's how its gonna beI might as well stay at home Maybe watch some TVEat my dinner aloneI wont even pick up the phoneThings will be better on my ownBut I do miss those morningsSo come on over, bring your friendLets try and have ourselves a good timeDon't worry bout your job or checks to send Or if you are still in your prime
Words and Music by Peter GoodmanCopyright 2012 New Orphan Music