1. Honeypot

From the recording Deny The Accident

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I don't know but I've been told
The streets of heaven are paved with gold
When you drive around
Get to wear your crown

You'll have time to kill but no place to hide
It's murder in the morning or its suicide
When the angels fly
It's like a lullaby

Funny how the sweet tastes sour
When my honeypot's gone for a while
I've given up on cigarettes
But I can't stop shaking
My heart's still breaking
I feel forsaken by you
It's true
When you coming home
I hate to be alone

In this broke down place I saw a friend of mine
She was washing all the dishes that got left behind
Such a lonely fate
Feeling second-rate

So she went and bought herself a yellow diamond ring
When she holds it in the light she can make it sing
It's the only way
She can have her say

I got a train that runs through my backyard
When it's once in a while, well it's not that hard
But don't you fret
`Cuz I ain't through yet

On the Forth of July in the parking lot
I drink beer with my sister who I love a lot

Words and Music by Peter Goodman
Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music