1. Zoe's Ring

From the recording Deny The Accident

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Zoe's Ring

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It's been months
since I walked with you
Down by the river
in the evening glow

The aspens whispered
what I would not hear
The future's now and
I don't wanna go

The moonlight smells
like an early rain
There's a stony chill in the air
I've fallen down,
I'm gonna fall again
See my soul laid bare

It's been coming on
And your signals getting clear
I'm not feeling strong
And my heart is hungry
For the one thing I hold dear
I wish you could be here

Zoe's got a new ring
and I don't care
Got to get some sleep tonight
In my younger days I would pine for her
Nowadays I do what's right
I'm too tired to fight

Your windows yellow when I pass on the street
I know I shouldn't waste my time
But it's been lonely living outta my backseat
And walking's never been a crime

There's many ghosts I have to deal with
But you're the one that scares me more
Now summer seems just like a myth
I'm wondering what it was for

Words and Music by Peter Goodman
Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music