1. Grey

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The sun is shining brightly
Over at your house today
But at my house it is lonely
And everything is gray

It seems a bit unfair how
The story changes everyday
What the rumors have not told me
Your face just gives away

And it's hard when the money's low
It's hard to know the things I know
Easy winds seldom blow
Around here

That babies got a fever
And her cries are loud and strong
This happens every winter
When the nights start getting long

I should have been there on Sunday
There was really nothing wrong
But I'm a hundred miles from nowhere
I guess that's where I belong

That's a beauty of a tattoo
Troublemaker on your skin
What you really wanted for your birthday
Was a brand new way of thinking

I've got to get off of this freeway
`cuz all the cars are all on a binge
I'm just trying to say I'm sorry
For the stupid way I've been

Words and Music by Peter Goodman
Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music