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  1. Lately

From the recording Nothing Is The Way It Seems


Loving, it's not a mistake loveIt's something we must hold on toIt's something to doTake me, for better, for worse nowI'll try to do my best for you I hope you will tooLately I've been thinking about youRemember, all the times that I told you'bout how you were an open doorThat I could walk throughI stormed in, and I don't regret itThough there's been times that have tried my soulThey were hard for you too Lately I've been longing after youI must confessI get lonely, sometimesBut its a gift When your words Bring my heart back homeDarling, it does not really matterIf we always get along or notLet's give it our best shotLately I've been thinking about youLately I've been longing after you
Words and Music by Peter GoodmanCopyright 2012 New Orphan Music