From the recording Nothing Is The Way It Seems


A bomb blast and a bank, the roof it crashed down The flames they shot up, good people went down Lost love ones and friends It's like songs without sound And they paid Old Charlie did evil he, he laughed at the law They say he shot his own cousins As if we all saw A rope in the distance slips under his jaw And he paid, he paid Who's gonna save my soul Who's gonna save my soul Who's gonna save my soul For the last timeWe're all so much safer now That old Charlie's gone That's why we did it To preempt future wrong In burning blue embers In shock and in awe They paid Please don't remind me There's still a freak on the loose I don't give it much thought now To tell you the truth So you either stand with us Or you want us to lose To lose and pay, and pay
Words and Music by Kevin DrinkardCopyright 2012 New Orphan Music