From the recording Deny The Accident

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Applewood Candle

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I had a dream
We lived so far away
None of our friends could even find us
We worked the farm everyday

Sometimes late at night
We'd head out to the old red barn
We'd listen to the sleepy horses breathing
Toss the calico a ball of yarn

It's getting kinda late
How 'bout a kiss?
I'm thinking its bedtime
In the softest room
I'll light the applewood candle
I wanna go soon, soon, soon

So get me my hammer
Bring me some nails and wood
I'll try to build a house that we can live in
I think that would be good

It might be sorta small
But it would be our own
We could sit on the porch in our old rockers
And watch that sun go down

I've been thinking I can see the earth
Spinning `round
I can sense the years
winding down
I can feel my heart and where it's bound
Where it's bound
I can feel where I'm bound

But if you have to lie
'cuz you've done something wrong
Write it all down in a sad letter
I'll find when you're dead and gone

I'll do the same
But we should never read that shit
Just toss it in my grave while no one's looking
And let the earth cover it

Words and Music by Peter Goodman
Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music