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  1. Coming Over

From the recording Nothing Is The Way It Seems


You once told me how things should stayYou said its for the best if I stayed awayNow I see that was bad adviceSo I've made up my mind and I wont think twiceWe had a rough patch for a couple of yearsBut there was something real in the laughs and tearsEven though that was a long time agoI want the record straight so here I goYeah, that's rightI've crawled out from underMan it makes me wonderWhat took me so long, but now II'm coming overNow I'm coming overRemember how we took those walks In the early morning when the world was asleepBut then you pushed me far awayAnd just like a dog I stayedWaiting for you to release me some dayPlease don't cry, I'm coming overYou know why, I'm coming over
Words and Music by Peter GoodmanCopyright 2012 New Orphan Music