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  1. Ordinary Problem

From the recording Deny The Accident


In the middle of the middle in the middle of the afternoonSitting staring at the ceiling I'm so fazed I don't know what to doIt appears that my charm all my charm has lost it's charmMaybe no big deal for some but for me it's cause for alarmMajor cause for alarm
I found a strand of your hair on my shirt 'bout an hour agoSince then I've been wondering what to do with it and now I knowI'll get an iron and some wax paperI'll make a bookmark to mark my placeAnd when I see it I'll be reminded that you left a traceYou left a trace
It's an ordinary problemWhen the roof starts leakingYou run to where it's dryIn the normal evolutionWhen the sequence breaks downYou get to take another tryIn a subsequent conclusionIt's a cat and mouse gameA dog eat dog goodbyeBut since I have paid attentionI know you won't leave me hangingYou won't leave me high and dryWords and Music by Peter GoodmanCopyright 2006 New Orphan Music