1. I'll Be a Star

From the recording Nothing Is The Way It Seems

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I'll Be a Star

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I never had a chance
The best I could do was never good enough
It was a short romance
But better than that is gonna be very tough
Everything got burned to the ground
And all that's happened has really taken its toll
I feel like I've drowned
But I try not to lose control

'Cuz I've got a pen and paper,
a tape recorder,
Lots of time and my electric guitar
I should write a song about it,
clear the air a bit
And get some release
Just a little moment of peace

And Ill be a star
Though my song wont get played on the radio
Yea, I will go far
But my song wont get played on the radio

Its just a matter of time
She'll come around
and soon she'll be begging for more
I may be past my prime
But I've got a lot to give, and honey,
you know this is a war

She'll try and take my soul apart
But I wont give in,
after all, I'm better than her
Once my song reach the charts
All this will seem like a blur

Words and Music by Peter Goodman
Copyright 2012 New Orphan Music