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  1. Matter of Time

From the recording Nothing Is The Way It Seems


I came over 'cuz I heard you're sadAnd I wanted to give you a liftBad news travels fast these days I think you catch my driftWhat 'cha doing bout supper?Have you got any food?I could throw something together That could really help with the moodWe should stick together tonightLate last night when I got the callI could see in my minds eyeYou crying on the floor in the kitchen Hoping it was a lieThings are looking pretty nasty We just need to lay lowSoon the thing will come crashingAnd will land its final blowBut well be together the whole timeI'll be right here, I'm not leavingYou just take care and hold on tightAnd it will be alrightTime has passed since that terrible day You seem to be getting on wellI know it took a year or twoAnd that it felt like hellNow remember that promiseYou made at the timeIf you could ever return the favorYou said that would be just fineI could sure use you here right now
Words and Music by Peter GoodmanCopyright 2012 New Orphan Music