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  1. Tear It Up

From the recording Deny The Accident


Mama's in the kitchen andFather's in his bedroom andWe are in the basementPlaying rock 'n roll
Danny's got a Marshall andEven though he's blind he canShred his strat-o-caster andNever miss a note
Oh come on
They like me `cuz my hair is longAnd I've got a Fender bassNow Danny's got a brand new songHe really wants to play
Tear it upI love that last line you playedI'm gonna sing it every dayFrom now on
We were childrenThe only need we had was loveWe were what we would beIn just that moment of timeIn just that moment of time
Now I play acousticBut I still miss the jamsOur old band would always haveWhen our friends would come aroundThere was always musicThe girls would start to sing alongNow Danny has a brand new songHe really wants to play
Words and Music by Peter GoodmanCopyright 2006 New Orphan Music