1. If You Come By

From the recording Deny The Accident

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If You Come By

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If I had a leg to stand on
You know I'd come down
And spend some time with you
But I'm a broken man
With a largely unproven plan

And with the way my luck's been going
All my grey hair's showing
And my heart's turned black and blue
I think I might fade away
Hold the fort down some other day

But if you come by
You'll find me down at market square
Where I
play guitar while people stare
And buy
everything they ever wanted
Please try
to find me if you still care

Soul searching and street begging
It's all been done before
Final hour of everyday
will release me
From the burden
of wondering
Will you come
I wonder if you'll come

But when I get my act together
And it's warmer weather
And my bills are paid when due
I'll hop on the closest train
Wind my way back to you again

Words and Music by Peter Goodman
Copyright 2006 New Orphan Music